A beautiful selection of food and drinks from the vast variety of flavours of the Mediterranean land & sea in Bangkok! Bringing friends and families together to share enjoyable & memorable moments at our Mediterranean table.

Welcome To

XII – A Culinary Journey through the Mediterranean


There is a special place on earth; where Europe, Africa, The Middle East and Asia collide.

It bore witness to the birth of civilisation and watched as the greatest empires in history laid down their mark.

And as history scratched over it, a famous sapphire blue ocean surrounded by white cliffs and

rich terroir shaped the greatest cuisines our world has ever known.


That place is the Mediterranean.


Come with us and let XII take you on a culinary journey through the Mediterranean.

Experience the tapas that define Spain and the pasta that made Italian Nona’s so loved.

Let the aromas of a Moroccan bazaar infuse your senses and the sophistication of Frances haute cuisine impress.

Your culinary journey continues through the graceful

simplicity of Greece, the tasteful delights of Turkey and far beyond.

And as the creators of the worlds greatest wines compete for your heart, your XII

journey through the worlds greatest cuisines is complete….until you start it all again.

Private Party

Whether indoor or outdoor,

we have a range of spaces to fit your private party requirements,

whether big or small.

From a private room to a private floor,

a separate area or the entire restaurant.


For reservations less than

2 hours in advance,

Please call us on:

 02 635 2040



Grilled Fish Sardines


Grilled Fish Sardines