Spinach Pie “Spanakopita”

Greece – Savory Spinach Pie, Phyllo Pastry, Greek Feta Cheese, Fresh Baby Spinach, Solarino Cherry Tomatoes


Greek Meatballs “Soutzoukakia”

Greece – Homemade Wagyu Meatballs, Light Cumin Tomato Sauce, Spelt Grain, Tzatziki


Sautéed Live Mussels

Italy – Imported Live Mussels, Tomato Sauce, Solarino Cherry Tomatoes, White Wine, Italian Basil, Garlic Toasted Bread


Wild Caught Sea Perch Carpaccio

France – Thinly Sliced Citrus Marinated Sea Perch, Avocado Purée, Pickled Vegetables, Mesclun Salad, Solarino Cherry Tomatoes


Selection of Mediterranean Cold Cut & Cheese (To Share)

Italy, Spain, France – 24 month Aged “San Daniele” Ham, Mortadella, Premium Salami, Chorizo, Confit Pork Belly Rillette Grana Padano, Gorgonzola, Manchego, Camembert Cheese Wild Jungle Honey, Dry Fruits, Pickled Vegetables, Homemade Bread

฿1,490 / ฿580 / ฿540

Cured Beef “Bresaola”

Italy – Italian Air Dried Salted Beef Carpaccio, Macadamia Nuts, Wild Rocket, Grana Padano Cheese, Lemon Mustard Dressing


Grilled Fresh Sardines

Portugal – Grilled Fresh Sardines, Maldon Salt, Neapolitan Sauce, Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Octopus “A Feira”

Spain – 7-Hour Sous-Vide Octopus, Baby Potato, Spanish Sweet Paprika, Octopus Emulsion, Mesclun Leaves, Solarino Cherry Tomatoes


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